ETFs and Folios!

A Winning Combination

What are ETFs?

Exchange-Traded Funds, or ETFs, are securities that track an index fund and trade just like stocks on major stock exchanges. Want to invest in the market quickly and cheaply? ETFs are the most practical vehicle. They help the investor focus on what is most important, choice of asset classes.

ETFs are economical to buy and especially easy to maintain over the long-run, making them especially attractive for the typical buy-and-hold investor.

With an ETF, you get:
  • Efficient One of the most efficient ways to invest in the stock market. ETFs offer Tax Advantages, Diversification, Liquidity and Low Costs.
  • Tax Advantaged: ETFs grow tax deferred until you sell. Once you sell you would pay taxes on any capital gains at the now favorable capital gains tax rates. Mutual funds, on the other hand, are income tax nightmares. ETFs have a huge advantage over Mutual Funds for their tax efficiency.
  • Diversification By owning an ETF, you get the diversification of index funds and mutual funds.
  • Lower Costs ETFs have lower costs than active Mutual Funds. The expense ratios for most ETFs are breathtakingly low compared to the average mutual fund.
  • Liquid as Stocks. ETFs can be sold anytime during the day while the market is open.

What are Folios?

Folios are simple. They are baskets of securities that you can buy, sell, exchange, update or rebalance in a single transaction. Like a mutual fund, you own an instantly diversified portfolio. But unlike mutual funds, with a Folio, you know what you own. And, if you wish, you can customize a Folio as much as you want.

With a Folio, you get investing that’s:
  • Smart: Folios are diversified, which lowers your risk.
  • Customizable: Select the securities you want, or choose from over 100 Ready-to-Go (RTG) Folios. Tailor your investments to match your preferences.
  • Affordable: Avoid mutual fund fees and the commissions you pay with other brokers. Invest without any minimums and even buy fractions of shares.
  • Tax Advantaged: Harvest losses and defer gains.

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