Best Stock Picker on Wall Street Reveals Why…..

The “Experts” Said That
Mutual Funds Were
THE Way to Invest
For Retirement…
That They Were the Safest and Most Effective Way to Reach Your Dreams… And Here’s the Proof They Were DEAD WRONG…

How to Invest in the Stock Market and Achieve All of Your Financial Dreams… Safely… Easily… Confidently

Dear Friend,

If you are tired of watching your retirement and investment accounts virtually disappear while you stand by feeling powerless and helpless, then sit back, turn off your cell phone and read every word – because it may be the most important letter you’ll ever read…

Here’s why. One of the biggest investment myths in recent years is that mutual funds were the only way to invest wisely and safely for your retirement. What they didn’t tell you was:

  • Mutual fund fees – even in so-called no-load funds – were eating up 25% or more of your returns…

  • Highly paid mutual fund managers rarely invest well enough to beat the market – yet they can make HUGE bonuses even when losing your money…

  • Mutual Fund companies could be at risk in the current financial situation – possibly as vulnerable as the banks we thought would be secure forever…

Or, maybe you’ve tried investing in individual stocks on your own. But you found that it takes a whole lot of time, energy and knowledge to manage your own accounts like this… which stocks to pick? When to buy? When to sell? Trying to keep up with it can drive you crazy…

The good news is that there is a better alternative: A step by step, “set it and forget it” system that can grow your investment accounts faster, easier and safer than investing in mutual funds. A “retirement solution” that you can use – no matter how investment savvy you are – to achieve real wealth, prosperity and peace of mind for you and your family.

In fact, I’ve found the best way to grow your wealth – safely and easily.

It doesn’t take a lot of work. It doesn’t take a lot of time. It’s safe… and you don’t need a boatload of money to get started. Best of all, it’s based on a proven system that has been back-tested for a 10 year period by an independent firm and live tested over the past 2 years… Both tests have shown our picks beating both the stock market and mutual fund averages… by 2% or more per year (and if you think that doesn’t make a huge difference over 10 or 20 years, boy are you mistaken…)

Investors using this system are spending as little as 20 minutes per month managing their retirement accounts – and in return they’re beating most mutual fund managers – the supposed experts who are trusted to manage YOUR money.

So, not only are these investors putting more money in their retirement accounts, they’re also freeing up their time to do the things they love to do… spending time with their families… playing golf… traveling… having fun… Living life instead of stressing over their investments.

And that’s really the point isn’t it? Preparing for your future retirement without letting it run your life today.

And I’m here to tell you how YOU can do the same.

How do I know that this system works? Because I use this secret system myself and have seen what it can do for hundreds of investors just like you.

My name is Joe Greenspan and I learned about this secret to successful investing from my good friend. You may have seen him on TV – he’s a frequent guest on CNBC. Or, maybe you read about him in Money or Forbes or Inc. or Equities magazines…perhaps even heard him referred to as the next Benjamin Graham… calls him the “best stock picker on Wall Street.”

Before, I thought like most of Americans that mutual funds were the way to go. In fact, I did what the “experts” recommended to me, you and 60 million other hard-working Americans and trusted my retirement investments to mutual funds… and look where that has gotten us over the last year…

That’s because what they didn’t tell us was that:

  • High fees in mutual funds can strangle your returns on investment

  • Mutual funds require you to pay taxes on what others gain

  • Most mutual funds do not allow you to be as diversified as you could be

  • Most actively traded funds do NOT beat their benchmark – but still charge YOU for “expert” management

  • Promoting past returns in mutual funds misleads you into giving them more of your money

  • Most fund managers talk about investing for the long term – but end up buying and selling short term

  • Some funds even roll bad funds into good funds to hide the fact that they are underperforming

I learned “Mutual funds are dead.”

Fortunately, there is a better way.

What Wall Street’s Been Doing Wrong

That’s because Wall Street bases most of its investment strategy on something called Earnings per Share (EPS). You’ve probably heard of it because it’s commonly quoted as the end all, be all of financial health.

But, the problem is that high EPS has nothing to do with the true financial well-being of a company…

In fact, did you know that Enron looked great to Wall Street based on EPS – right before it collapsed and ruined the retirement funds of thousands of hard-working people?

By doing a sort of “post-mortem” on Enron.

Here’s what we found.

Enron looked like a mess using another financial indicator: OPS. OPS stands for Operational Cash Flow per Share and it is a far better way to judge the financial health of an organization.

Think this information could have helped those poor people get out before the bottom fell out?

That’s exactly why we founded Wealth Diagnostics. To show the “average American” a better way to reach their retirement goals without mutual funds.

Now this system isn’t for everyone – if you’d rather spend countless hours pouring over boring prospectuses and stressing over which way the market is moving everyday… if you’d rather not just “set it and forget it”, then STOP READING RIGHT NOW.

But, if you want to maximize your returns on investment and don’t have unlimited time and expertise to get it, then this system is the answer to your prayers.

What Exactly Is Wealth Diagnostiitcs?

By now, you may be wondering: “Just what is Wealth Diagnostics and what makes this system so different?”

I promise to give you the full scoop, but first I’m asking you to be fair… to listen to all of the facts before jumping to any conclusions…

Fair enough?


You’ll see why I jumped at the chance to put Wealth Diagnostics to work for me – and why I think you’ll want to do the same after reading the rest of this letter.

Simply put, Wealth Diagnostics has created simple and easy to use investment portfolios to help accumulate wealth for you and your family. The system uses its proprietary methods to calculate OPS and tells you EXACTLY how to invest your well-earned money. (This proprietary technology and software is based on 6 years of research and cost approximately $20 million to develop and test).

You will use the recommendations from the Wealth Diagnostics system buy and manage up to two pre-packaged portfolios, giving you capabilities that previously only professional money managers enjoyed. 

Using Wealth Diagnostics will also enable you to invest with no account minimums – so you can start with only the amount of money you are comfortable with. Plus, Wealth Diagnostics will give you the ability to trade in dollar amounts and to own fractional shares. These are huge advantages available only to Wealth Diagnostics subscribers, opening the door for you to get started almost immediately.

All you’ll need to do is to choose from Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) portfolios created by Wealth Diagnostics and powered by StockDiagnostics Cash flow Research (research formerly only available to the most high-powered investors).

Even is you’ve never heard of an ETF, you’ll quickly learn the importance of concepts like diversification, dollar cost averaging, and the positive tax implications they can provide you . 

Exchange-Traded Funds, or ETFs, are securities that track an index fund and trade just like stocks on major stock exchanges. Want to invest in the market quickly and cheaply? ETFs are the most practical vehicle. They help you focus on what is most important, choice of asset classes.

ETFs are economical to buy and especially easy to maintain over the long-run, making them especially attractive for you as a buy-and-hold investor.

With an ETF, you get:
  • Efficiency: One of the most efficient ways to invest in the stock market. ETFs offer youTax Advantages, Diversification, Liquidity and Low Costs.

  • Tax Advantages: ETFs grow tax deferred until you sell. Once you sell you would pay taxes on any capital gains at the now favorable capital gains tax rates. Mutual funds, on the other hand, are income tax nightmares. ETFs have a huge advantage over Mutual Funds for their tax efficiency.

  • DiversificationBy owning an ETF, you get the diversification of index funds and mutual funds.

  • Lower Costs ETFs have lower costs than active Mutual Funds. The expense ratios for most ETFs are breathtakingly low compared to the average mutual fund.

  • Liquid as Stocks. ETFs can be sold anytime during the day while the market is open.

And, while every investment always possesses inherent risk, Wealth Diagnostics will show you how as little as $100 per month can be spread over more than 5,000 individual stocks, whereas mutual funds typically contain 100 or less.  Now that’s diversification.

Even if you have heard of ETFs before, you may have been scared off because they were only recommended for advanced investors. That’s where Wealth Diagnostics comes in. We do the hard work for you, all you have to do is follow our step by step, connect the dots simple recommendations. Remember, you’ll be getting these picks directly fromWealth Diagnostics, possibly the best stock pickers on the planet.

Whether your goal is to grow your investment fund, or maintain the wealth that you already have, Wealth Diagnostics has the right portfolio for you.

But, we don’t just give you the recommendations. Because, unlike most other investment programs, Wealth Diagnostics also provides you with the online tools to actually implement our suggestions.

Wealth Diagnostics Will Empower You in Unprecedented Ways

Using our unique trading platform, you’ll get 7 free window trades for $7 each month and window trades above this only cost $1 per trade more. That means you can buy, sell, rebalance or add money to your Wealth Diagnostics portfolio commission free. There are no minimums, no inactivity fees, and you can buy or sell fractions of shares, getting just want you want.

7 trades for $7 – and $1 trades after that – try beating that trading price, even with the so-called discount brokers.

Imagine how good it will feel when you see your investments growing again instead of shrinking – because you know what only members of Wealth Diagnostics know. And imagine the surprise on your friends and families faces when you tell them the kinds of returns you are getting… and only spending a few minutes per month managing your investments.

You can bet they’ll want in on your “secret” too.

Peace of Mind For Your Retirement

The question you need to ask yourself is: How much is your retirement security worth to you?

Because that is exactly what Wealth Diagnostics can provide for you. A retirement where you can enjoy the quality of life that you deserve. Freedom in retirement to do what you want to do, instead of worrying about what you can’t do.

What kind of value would you place on that kind of peace of mind.

If you believe this kind of security for you and your family would put your mind at ease, then you might have questions like these running through your mind:

Why Not Just Rely on My Pension and Social Security?

Tim K, Madison, WI

Let’s face it, pensions and company sponsored retirement plans are becoming a thing of the past and confidence in our Social Security system has never been lower. 

Truth is, by 2018, Social Security will be in the RED and by 2042, the Social Security Fund will be depleted.

And it seems like almost every day, there are horror stories of companies cutting pension benefits – or stopping payments all together. Don’t believe me? How about this recent headline in FORBES magazine… “A federal bankruptcy judge approved United Airlines’ plan to terminate its employees’ pension plans… clearing the way for the largest corporate-pension default in American History.”

Bottom line is: you will have to count on YOU for your retirement.

Despite these uncertainties, millionaires are being created now more than ever.  They simply have the right information about how to prepare for their futures…

Why Can’t I Just Invest in ETFs On My Own?

Drew R., Delafield, WI

There are over 300 ETFs out there – and 40 or more in development.

So, if you want to spend countless hours researching which ones to invest in, feel free. Know that you’ll also need a large sum of money (maybe as much as $50,000) to get into the game. Plus, you’ll need to monitor your investments almost daily – to try to figure out when to get in – and when to get out.

Or, you can let  Wealth Diagnostics proprietary system do all the work for you – and let you get started without being a millionaire already.

What Do I Need to Do to Get Started?

Greg C., Phoenix, AZ

About 20 minutes each month and the ability to follow Wealth Diagnostics clear, specific instructions. That’s it.

The rest of your time can be spent doing the things you want to do – spending time with your family or on your hobbies – NOT stressing out about your investments.

Remember, Wealth Diagnostics will do all the hard work for you.

And, as you’ll see in a minute, you can try out Wealth Diagnostics for a full month at absolutely no risk to you… if you’re not 100% satisfied, I’ll refund your full month subscription.

Welcome to the Affordable, Low Cost, High Performance, Easy to Manage Investment Program!

If you’re still reading, congratulations. You’ve shown that you’re serious about a secure future for yourself and your family. And, you’ve shown that you’re open-minded enough to consider an alternative solution – not just follow the herd and blindly keep your money in mutual funds for the long term. You’re willing to take action and take back control of your money.

Wealth Diagnostics offers you a solution that works. Remember, as a part of your monthly subscription you will get:

  • Our exclusive, members only monthly e-newsletter containing expert ETF screening and research by the Wealth Diagnostics team

  • 3 monthly portfolios of ETFs screened by the one of a kind StockDiagnostic’s Operational Cash Flow Method

  • Timely email alerts from the “best stock picker on Wall Street” when changes are recommended to Wealth Diagnostics featured portfolios

  • Privileged access to our unique trading-platorm allowing you 7 trades for $7 - and additional trades for only $1 per trade

  • Step by step instructions and full customer support for setting up and maintaining your investment accounts

  • Unique username and password granting you access to the subscriber’s only portion of the Wealth Diagnostics website

All of these tools contain research, analysis and evaluation in a format available nowhere else. The information is boiled to for your convenience – a quick read giving you everything you need to make your investing as easy as possible. Just follow the recommendations, execute the small number of trades and you’re done.

This is the smartest way to invest in the stock market – designed for people like you who want to take advantage of this opportunity without making your life more complicated.

If There Was Ever a Best Time to Get Out of Mutual Funds – and Into Something Better – NOW is the time…

And, that’s why I wrote to you today - why I’m going to great lengths to make trying Wealth Diagnostics easier for you to try than ever before.

To prove to you – to put all of your doubts and fears to rest – that Wealth Diagnostics is your solution for achieving the retirement of your dreams.

So, to make this a complete no-brainer decision, I’ve put together this 100% rock solid guarantee. I’ve arranged for you to get one month full access to Wealth Diagnostics absolutely risk-free. You read that correctly. If you accept my invitation today, you can try Wealth Diagnostics for an entire month without risking a penny.

You’ll have full-scale and unrestricted access to our entire array of Wealth Diagnostics benefits – entirely< risk free. You’ll get the complete e-newsletter, email alerts, evaluations, recommendations and support for ONE FULL MONTH at no risk to you.

You’ll get the expert ETF suggestions, in quick-read format and crystal clear investing instructions. You’ll get access to our unique trading platform – everything listed above – without risking one single red cent.

Hey, if there was ever a no-brainer way to give yourself peace of mind – and fatten your retirement account – your No-Risk membership in Wealth Diagnostics is it. But, of course, you need to make the decision that is right for you.

So, here are the details of the guarantee.

Accept a Trial Membership. Use and “kick the tires” on the Wealth Diagnostics system for a full 30 days. If you aren’t 100% completely satisfied, I’ll refund your membership fee. Couldn’t be any easier than that.

In other words, I’m accepting the full risk – that’s how confident I am that you are going to love your results. All it takes on your part is the willingness to take action and give Wealth Diagnostics a fair shake – to spend a couple of minutes this next month evaluating the complete Wealth Diagnostics system. See how it can be your retirement solution.

To get started with your FREE Trial Membership – including analysis and recommendations from the “best stock picker on Wall Street” – at no risk CLICK HERE.

Sleep Soundly Knowing That Your Retirement Is In Good Hands...

Do you want to get that sinking feeling every day you see the stock markets tumble?

Or would you rather have security and peace of mind knowing that your investments are made based on the knowledge and expertise of one of the best stock pickers in America?

As you’ve read my letter today, you’ve seen that:

  • Mutual funds are no longer the smart way to ensure your future

  • Wealth Diagnostics can take away the stress and strain of planning for your retirement

  • You can manage your investments safely, easily and without taking up all of your precious time

  • You can see all the benefits for yourself by taking advantage of my no-risk guarantee

But, this special guarantee cannot last forever. As more and more of the 60 million mutual fund investors find out about the Wealth Diagnostics advantage – discover that it’s time to get out of mutual funds and into something better – these terms may disappear.

Before you miss out, CLICK HERE to activate your membership.

Don’t sit by and watch while some other investor gets a head start and the upper hand. Become a member NOW.


Joe Greenspan

Joe Greenspan

P.S. Robert H. Schuller once said: “High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately. Follow these principles and you can make your dreams come true.

Wealth Diagnostics is a rich opportunity. You’re fortunate to have spotted it. But, it can’t change your life if you don’t take one simple step forward and confirm your risk-free trial membership CLICK HERE