Professional Operational Cash Flow Analysis has partnered with, Inc. to bring you “Operational-cash flow" analysis. A much better way of determining the true value of a companies stock.

Cash flow Anylsis

OPS is an acronym for “Operational-cash flow Per Share.” “OPS” is calculated by dividing a company’s Cash flow from Operations by the total number of shares outstanding. Stock Diagnostics created its own “OPS” (Operational-cash flow Per Share) to focus stockholders on the real values of a company as opposed to the artificial values that can be produced by creative accounting under EPS, CFPS, or EBITDA, Inc. believes that the Cash flow Statement is the most important stock quantifier since it reconciles the Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Core to’s belief, cash flow from operations without including financing or investment activity is the best indicator of how a company’s product or service is actually performing.

The validity of EPS (earnings per share), long considered by Wall Street to be the leading predictor of value, is being challenged by cash flow metrics. monitors cash flow for over 16,000 companies and is the exclusive publisher of OPS data.

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